Are you looking for a personal travel agent for your medical tourism trip?

The team here at Medic Abroad has built up a network of travel agent specialists. These agents are person for you, and can work closely with you on a more custom trip for your medical travel planning.



Contact Medic Abroad

If you are still in the very early stage planning of your medical tourism trip – and are not sure which country, which exact medical services, and other requirements – then this agent program is for you.

Give The Agent Insights On What You Need

While you are in early stage planning travels, let the agent know roughly when you plan to go, how far you want to travel, how long you plan to be away for, and other important details.

Pay A Nominal Agent Fee

Our agents will receive this fee to help you prepare a custom travel package. You can then use our Medic Abroad connections and travel services, or simply book it yourself. We leave that up to you!

Assign You An Agent

We will assign you a personal travel agent for your direct communication and collaboration.

Receive Your Travel Planning Itinerary

Now you have the information you need to get your medical tourism going.

What is Medical Tourism?

It is a practice of a citizen of the world not settling for the healthcare options in their home country. They can choose from hospitals and doctors from around the world to get the most value for their money.

On top of just saving money and getting better value - you can also enjoy a nice holiday at the same time.

Why You Need Medical Tourism?

Does your home country medical system leave you wishing you had more options? Then this is exactly what you need - to travel abroad to get the medical treatment you need and deserve.

We do not need to be slaves of the location we were born in.

Why Work with Medic Abroad?

While you can do your own research online and contact hospitals and others on your own - working with a medical tourism agency like Medic Abroad you are able to save time and money. With our existing network and arrangements, you can have it all prepared at one spot and leverage the power of our relationships. On top of that, you can rest assured you will be treated like a VIP upon arrival and have no misunderstandings or scares when you land in that foreign country and foreign medical facility.