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The world is your oyster. The pearls can be found anywhere in the world, with each pearly being different. It could be the interesting cultures, the many different people you’ll meet, the sights, the food, and the experiences.

One pearl that people don’t usually think about though is medical tourism. Different countries from around the globe have different medical expertise. Understanding what you need checked and where you can go significantly increases your chances of receiving quality and affordable treatment.

With the world as open as it is, why not speak to your travel agent and travel abroad for medical tourism?

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Orthopedics Clinics Abroad

Orthopedics Clinics Abroad

The medical tourism industry is an industry where people travel from their native country for medical care in other countries while paying in cash or through insurance. Medical advancements right now are at an all-time high, especially when it comes to medical science and the medical field. Orthopedic surgery right now is a popular medical tourism industry because of its ... Read More

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Medical Tourism USA (During Covid-19)

For years, patients have travelled internationally to procure the very best healthcare possible. These patients seek value, not only in the quality of the care provided, but also in the potential costs saved in other facilities. The cost of healthcare in the United States has long been a point of contention for citizens in the superpower country. With the onset ... Read More

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IVF: Is it Worth Getting it Abroad?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) joins a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm in a laboratory dish. It is a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART) wherein medical treatments are applied to help a woman conceive. In recent years, medical tourism for infertility treatments overseas has become an increasingly popular option, other countries are offering a lower price for the same medical service.

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Finding the Antidote Abroad

The question many people ask is why the need for medical travel or why do they need to seek treatment abroad?


In truth, medical tourism is more common than people think. A growing number of Americans are heading out of their country to find treatment. These include procedures that range from heart surgery to even dental work.

There are many reasons why more and more people are packing their bags and flying out for certain medical procedures. Here are just a few of them:

Affordable Prices

The biggest reason is the rising price of healthcare in the United States (US). The best example here is dental work in India. They currently sit as the most affordable dental work of quality in the whole world.

They have great facilities and procedures there can save up to 90% of the cost than if it was done in the US.

However, it isn’t just dentistry though. Even imaging and diagnostics work is more affordable in India. In fact, the US partners with India for the interpretation of some results. This is because the cost of the US physician interpreting results is much more than the actual imaging work done.

Moreover, one thing that foreign hospital and healthcare facilities do that the US does not is provide prices and quotes upfront. In the US, they only offer a very rough estimate of what certain procedures or treatments will cost.

Let’s take a look at the pricing of certain procedures from the US and other countries.

Spinal Fusion > $60,000  > $5,500 (India)
Hip Replacements > $20,000 > $10,000 (Thailand)
Coronary Angioplasty > $40,000 > $11,000 (Singapore)

Quality Service

Another reason for medical tourism is the superior service that other countries provide. One example here is that when people abroad are told to purchase certain medications, they are often escorted.

One other point is the doctor’s time. Doctors in the US are usually in a rush and dart in and out of several appointments. With the schedule more lax abroad, doctors can spend more time with patients.

Finally, the experience of staying overnight at a hospital must also be brought up. In Bangkok, a stay at a standard room may cost up to $200. This includes a large bed, a living room, a couple of bathrooms, and a view of the city for a single night.

If you were to include nursing expenses, flat screen televisions, WiFi access, and meals, this would go up to $400.

If that sounds steep, take into account what is offered in the US. A standard room in the US may cost upwards of $800. This does not include any additional services or charges.

Access to Procedures

Finally, people seek medical treatment abroad due to the access and availability to certain procedures.

Stem cell treatment for example is currently not allowed in the US. Thus, people need to go to other countries for this. Bear in mind though that several treatments offered both in and out of the US are scams.

If you are going to get stem cell treatment, it is best to ensure that you are getting a legitimate treatment.

Another reason is that certain procedures are different in other countries. The UK and Canada are practicing cutting edge procedures when compared to those in the US.

Interested in travelling for some medical tourism? 

We hope that we have opened your eyes to the great possibilities available out there.

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Before you head out there though, let us help you point out the

Best Medical Facilities

Best Medical Facilities by Treatments



One of the best cardiology clinics is the Medanta Heart Institute located in India. Specialties covered here include Interventional Cardiology, Clinical and Preventive Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Pacing, and Cardiac Surgery. Utilizing the latest technology, they have performed more than 50,000 Coronary Artery Bypass Surgeries (CABG).



For dentistry, head to Thailand and visit the Thantakit International Dental Center. This dental clinic has been operating since 1945. Their quality work is not the only commendable thing here. Implants and cosmetic work comes with a warranty and available payment plans can help you pay for the dental work you need.

Hair Restoration


Hair restoration procedures can be done in Istanbul’s Vera Clinic. It is the leading hair transplant hospital in Istanbul and has been operating for nearly two decades. In addition to their quality work, they ensure comfort and luxury. Get a free consultation now.

In Vitro Fertilization


Nova IVF in India is one of the best clinics for in vitro fertilization. With 25 centers in 18 cities, they have had more than 30,000 IVF pregnancies. Other services include vitrification, endoscopy, andrology, reproductive genetics just to name a few. You can book your appointments online now via their website.



Israel’s Sheba Medical Center was established in the late 40s. Now, they are the leading hospital in the Middle East. Their cancer center uses the latest technology and research to treat various types of cancer. The center also includes departments for furthering research and discovering the best new treatments for oncological diseases.



One of the best orthopedic clinics that you can visit via medical tourism is SOLCOT Centro Medico in Spain. The team of surgeons, physiotherapists, and traumatologists offer services that cover various orthopedic needs. They also speak several languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Ukrainian.

Cosmetic Surgery


The Johor Specialist Hospital is located in Malaysia. The hospital has more than 200 beds and operates around the clock. Procedures include reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery for several body parts (face, breast, body contouring, liposuction), and even non-invasive procedures like botox.


Best Medical Facilities by Country



Emirates Hospital is a subsidiary of the Emirates Healthcare Company. The hospital houses several of the world’s leading professionals who deliver quality healthcare. Their service is guided by four core values: Simplicity, Accessibility, Agility, and Empathy.



Emirates Hospital is a subsidiary of the Emirates Healthcare Company. The hospital houses several of the world’s leading professionals who deliver quality healthcare. Their service is guided by four core values: Simplicity, Accessibility, Agility, and Empathy.



Bumrungrad International Hospital is at the heart of Bangkok. It is the largest hospital in the whole of Southeast Asia. With more than 500 beds and 700 healthcare professionals, you can be sure to get quality healthcare services here. They even have certain services catered to foreigners such as interpreters, embassy assistance, and international insurance coordinators to name a few.



University La Fundación Jiménez Díaz is committed to research and teaching. However, in addition to these, their third pillar is healthcare. They strive to advance the healthcare industry by researching and providing quality care. Some of their main objectives include promoting biomedical research, procure grants, and making people aware of medical advancements.



One of the best oncology centers in Europe is the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana. Several sectors at the hospital include diagnostics, operating professions, radiotherapy, rehabilitation, and internal medicine oncology.



The Asan Medical Center’s reputation is known the world over. From 2010 to 2016, the number of foreign patients has more than tripled, with the numbers continuing to increase. Most of these patients require high-risk surgeries such as cancer surgeries and living donor liver transplants just to name a few.



The largest tertiary hospital in Singapore – Singapore General Hospital – combines patient healthcare with research and education. Their list of clinical specialties and specialist centers is very comprehensive, allowing them to cater to all your healthcare needs.



The Center Hospitalier Mohammed IV Marrakech is one of the top hospitals in Morocco. It is comprised of four hospitals and two centers. Across all of these locations, it has a total capacity of over 1,500 beds. These consist of hospitals for medico-surgery purposes, psychiatry, pediatrics, medical and surgery, and oncology.



If you are in need of a hospital in Mexico, try out Galenia Hospital. This hospital has been awarded with three accreditations from the healthcare field. They also cater to medical tourism in the specialties of plastic surgery, traumatology, oncology, and cardiovascular services.



The robust medical tourism of industry has a lot to do with the quality of their care and the affordability of their services. The leading hospital is Gleneagles Hospital. For a better idea of the quality of their healthcare, this hospital received the “International Hospital of the Year” award in 2018, and the Best Urology Service Provider award the following year.

Costa RIca


The largest and most comprehensive hospital in Costa Rica is the Hospital Clinica Biblica. They have been operating for more than 90 years. Apart from the hospitalization and outpatient services, they also have several services that run 24/7. These include the ER, the pharmacy, laboratory, and diagnostic imaging.



Just last year, the largest and most modern hospital in Poland opened. It is the Krakow University Hospital. The whole hospital covers 16 hectares. It also has more than 900 beds, 31 clinical departments, 7 diagnostic units, and over 60 specialised outpatient clinics.



If you are ever in need of a hospital in Hungary, try out Medicover Hospital. The hospital provides healthcare services from 38 specialties. The state of the art claim also extends to their surgery rooms. The surgeries take place in operating rooms with surveillance rooms and a subintensive hospital. If you want to explore more of their hospital, hop on to their website and take a virtual tour.



The Hygeia Hospital is one that implements many modern healthcare practices. These include exclusive and innovative Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) treatment that is unique to Hygeia, the utilization of AI for treating cancer patients, robotic surgery, and gamma knife brain radiosurgery just to name a few.



One of the most prevalent hospital groups in Turkey is the Medical Park Hospitals group. They currently have 25 hospitals and operate on a principle of providing healthcare for everybody. Each year, they have more than 600 organ transplants. They are also ranked at the top for organ transplant services; an award they have received three times.

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What is Medical Tourism?

It is a practice of a citizen of the world not settling for the healthcare options in their home country. They can choose from hospitals and doctors from around the world to get the most value for their money.

On top of just saving money and getting better value - you can also enjoy a nice holiday at the same time.

Why You Need Medical Tourism?

Does your home country medical system leave you wishing you had more options? Then this is exactly what you need - to travel abroad to get the medical treatment you need and deserve.

We do not need to be slaves of the location we were born in.

Why Work with Medic Abroad?

While you can do your own research online and contact hospitals and others on your own - working with a medical tourism agency like Medic Abroad you are able to save time and money. With our existing network and arrangements, you can have it all prepared at one spot and leverage the power of our relationships. On top of that, you can rest assured you will be treated like a VIP upon arrival and have no misunderstandings or scares when you land in that foreign country and foreign medical facility.