For the United Arab Emirates, tourism comprises one of the major sources of income to the budget. Since 2000, the UAE started offering various medical programs in addition to luxury shopping, beach and spa recreation.

Medicine in the UAE is actively supported and broadly financed by state authorities from the costs gained on selling oil. Owing to this, all medical centers, both state and private, are facilitated with the latest equipment. For the purpose of medical tourism development, scores of private clinics were built offering quality medical services and luxury-class care to overseas patients. Many medical centers were JCI-accredited and hire only highly-qualified professionals, who have performed training and practice at the best medical centers of the world. The personnel have good mastery of not just English but also German, French, and even Russian.

Some of the most developed medical fields in the country include: cardiology and cardio surgery, oncology, surgery, endocrinology, dentistry, orthopedics, and traumatology.

High quality and luxury-class service in the United Arab Emirates is offered at an accordingly high price. Even local residents prefer to go abroad for treatment. For example, cardio surgery of heart stunting in the Emirates will cost $44 000 for an overseas patient, compared to the price in Singapore — $18 500, in Thailand — $11 000, and in India — $10 000. Nevertheless, the UAE is confidently earning reputation in the world market of international tourism owing to supreme quality of medical services and attendance, professionalism and responsibility of doctors, politeness and attentiveness of service personnel, and high level of security provided to all patients. Supreme quality of medical services and prestige enable to attract here wealthy patients from the countries of the Middle East, South East Asia, Western Europe, and the CIS countries.

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