Turkey has been going through a comprehensive healthcare restructuring. Scaling up its healthcare services and continuous quality improvements are important keys for the swift transition. As a result of state led health system reforms and an influx of private investments to Turkey's healthcare landscape, the country is now a strong alternative for international patients.

With 49 Joint Commission International accredited hospitals, Turkey's private medical infrastructure is now a well-built option in the global medical tourism arena.

Not to mention Turkey's geographical advantage as well as its unique cultural richness is an important factor in securing a solid place in this industry. The forerunners of Turkey's transformation have been local private healthcare investors.

Turkish investors have shifted Turkey's health service standards and quality by employing state-of-the-art treatment centers and the latest in medical technology. With an increasing and prospering population of 75 million, the Turkish health industry offers significant opportunities for foreign investors as well. Today, Turkish entrepreneurs and doctors have not only created a unique opportunity for local patients but also for global healthcare seekers. With successful service outcomes, competitive price levels, and unique geographic location, Turkey is on its way to becoming a preferred health partner for insurance companies, assistance companies, self-run and government health funds.