Medical tourism in the “Country of Smiles” has been literally skyrocketing lately. Medical centers of Thailand are supplied with innovative equipment, and doctors have received a very high level of training. Patients are accommodated in comfortable luxury-class wards and are surrounded by care and attention of medical personnel since the first days of stay. Moreover, the cost of medical services in the best Thai clinics is substantially lower than in Europe (by 60-70 % and even more). This is why Thailand more and more often receives patients from the USA, Australia, Japan, and West European countries.

Scores of private medical centers operate in Thailand, including network institutions targeted exclusively at foreign patients. These centers offer foreign patients a wide selection of checkup and treatment procedures in cardiology and cardio surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Such procedures as plastic surgeries, addiction treatment, laser vision correction, and transgender surgeries find a ready market.

Oncologic diseases checkup and treatment is one of the popular fields which has been rapidly developing within the recent years. Medical centers of Thailand apply cutting-edge methods of radiation and chemical therapy and provide psychological support to patients during the treatment and rehabilitation process.

Diving-related diseases are also successfully treated in Thailand, in particular, decompression disease of divers. Patients are accommodated in a single ward being oxygen chamber, where you can stay without a mask and watch TV during the treatment procedure.

Treatment may be complemented with further rehabilitation and replenishing of vital forces at local spa resorts. They offer their guests ancient Thai methods along with orthodox Western machine methods combined in one-of-a-kind programs designed for recovery, immunity strengthening, relaxation, and increasing vital tonus.

Best Traveling Time : November to January