Due to its favorable location, the Kingdom of Morocco has become a prominent destination of medical tourism. This sphere has undergone dynamic development and is largely represented by plastic surgery and physiotherapy (body treatment procedures). Prices for plastic surgery differ depending on a clinic. Regardless of this fact, both local and medical travelers still manage to find cost-effective treatment to satisfy their need in beauty and perfection.

Medical travel for plastic surgery is putting deep roots in Morocco because of inexpensive treatment and carefully respected privacy of patients. Most plastic surgeons have undergone training and practice in the clinics of France and Switzerland.

Within the recent years the rates for plastic surgery have been reduced to the level where people from all walks of life can now pay for what was once restricted to the social top. Specifically, the cost of liposuction starts from 10,000 Dirham (equal to $ 1200). That is why the amount of people seeking to reshape their figure has skyrocketed, by applying liposuction in particular. There exist no set price lists for either plastic or cosmetic surgeries making it possible to negotiate the price set by the clinic between the staff and patients.

During the last three years, up to 4500 medical tourists primarily from Europe arrived to Morocco for their hair transplant procedures. Moroccan nationals amount to 57% of patients while citizens of Algeria, Tunisia, and the UAE prefer to tick off this destination on their medical route. Aged women make up nearly 25% of all patients seeking help from hair transplant specialists in Morocco. Apparently, statistics shows that Moroccan prices are 30% lower than those indicated in European clinics.

Best Traveling Time : March to May – September to November