According to the survey conducted by the British Research Center New Economic Foundation Costa Rica was recognized as the happiest country in the world in 2009. In the sphere of international tourism including medical tourism Costa Rica is famous for its unique nature and ecology. This country hosts a lot of resorts with therapeutic thermal waters. Summer in Costa Rica lasts 365 days a year and annual temperature is +21 to +32 С.

In the context of medical tourism, health care system of Costa Rica is presented by private health centers which are widely known for their high quality medical services, highly skilled doctors, up-to-date equipment, and attractive prices. Therefore annually this country is visited by thousands of Americans, Canadians, Europeans coming to obtain medical services in the sphere of plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetic dentistry, and stem cell therapy.

You can save considerably on service prices. Dental services in Costa Rica are up to 50% cheaper than in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe; plastic surgery in Costa Rica is approximately 75% cheaper than in the US, up to 50-60% cheaper than in Canada and Western Europe, up to 40% cheaper than in Mexico and approximately 10-15% cheaper than in Argentina.

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