Each year, more and more citizens travel abroad for receiving medical services. Their main drive is absence of insurance policy covering fully or in part the cost of required medical procedures in the resident country. However, there is another side of the medal, as they say. According to recent data, a considerable amount (about 60 to 85 thousand) of foreign patients chooses the USA among other countries to obtain highly qualified medical services.

The US medical industry of all others has developed and actively applies a great number of advanced medical technologies. This is why health care system of this country justly deserves to top the rating list of the leaders of international medical tourism. As individual experts inform, the largest number of scientific medical research studies in the world are conducted in the USA. Since 1975, Nobel prizes have become a traditional award for American medical scientists, who become laureates more often than nominees from other countries. Consequently, US medics employ the whole range of the most vanguard technologies and innovative medical equipment.

There are few procedures or treatments that aren’t offered, with everything from general surgery to joint replacements and hair transplantation available. Anesthesiology, cancer treatment, dermatology & plastic surgery, digestive disease, endocrinology & metabolism, head & neck, heart & vascular, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics & rheumatology, rehabilitation, surgery, urology & kidneys, wellness & prevention are advanced developed areas of medicine. In the USA both private and public clinics provide a wide range of quality and effective services. The two leading medical centers in the USA offering such services to overseas tourists are the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic.

Quality services and high attendance standards of elite medical centre Cedars-Sinai Clinic are also demanded among wealthy overseas patients. Especially the ones from the CIS countries. Many of them come to this medical centre for delivery and gynecological treatment. Besides, many patients from Western Europe and Japan come to the USA for undergoing reproductive programs, in particular, with donation and surrogacy. And this is despite the fact that the cost of IVF and surrogacy in the USA is the highest in the world. Probably, most potential parents are attracted by the possibility to receive US citizenship for their children born in the USA. A significant plus is also the liberality of legislation in most states in regard to surrogacy programs even for people with non-traditional sexual orientation.

It is also worth noting that it was in the USA that the Joint Commission Organization (JCO) was established for accrediting health care institutions. It designed the most perfect system of assessment of the quality of medical services for today. This well-reputed organization has also established its international subsidiary, Joint Commission International (JCI) assessing the quality of medical service of patients outside the USA.

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