Medical tourism has a great potential for development in Poland. Poland’s competitive advantages on the international market of medical services are a professional medical staff, high quality and standards of health benefits. Polish facilities and clinics use modern medical equipment meeting world standards and performed treatments are top quality. The main reason behind a considerable appeal of the offer of the Polish facilities are low prices versus a superb quality of services.

The costs of diagnostics and medical treatments in Poland are often lower by 60-80% compared to the same benefits in the rest of the EU countries, United States or Canada with some of the medical services not available to the citizens of those countries.

Patients visit Poland mostly from Great Britain, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Austria and the Czech Republic. It is estimated that since Poland's accession to the EU, 450.000 of patients from all around the world have visited Poland.

Polish medical facilities are staffed with specialized doctors and nurses. Polish experts from many fields of medicine are globally renowned. They are members of international scientific associations and academic teachers at the best schools. Many of the doctors improved their qualifications in prestigious European and North American Schools.

Main mission of medical facilities is creating a comprehensive, often unique system of health care, with the focus on providing high quality innovative services for patients from all around the world. The offer of the best clinics in Poland includes: Gamma Knife in a non-invasive brain tumour treatment, HIFU method in treating prostate cancer, VEDI (Vascular Erectile Dysfunction Intervention) – the latest method of treating erection disorders, TAVR – a specialist treatment of a cardiac valve and many more.