MEDICABROAD is an idea to bring an easy access to quality service and reduce wait time for any financially challenged health care need in any country’s healthcare system. Our objective is to provide world class quality and affordable health treatment abroad for those patients who are searching affordable and high quality health care outside of their home country.  Selecting world’s best private or public hospitals gives us the opportunity of bringing you internationally recognized quality treatment and advanced technology in healthcare. MEDICABROAD was created to fill a very important gap in any healthcare system. We dedicate ourselves to provide safe, affordable, and time reduced waitlist options to medical needs primarily in North America.

MEDICABROAD is a revolutionized idea to assist any type of patients with any medical background and need overseas. We are specifically focusing on organ transplant cases, oncology treatments, orthopedic surgeries and cardiac treatments.  Cosmetology, dentistry and eye care treatments are also listed as our prior treatments to find solutions for. 

MEDICABROAD is also designed to bring  a new way of living experience by creating travel programs to heal a patient through worldwide known hospitals and doctors’ treatment.  Once a great philosopher quoted; “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”  ― Rumi

With this motto, we believe that the power of traveling and discovering new wonders of our planet will also bring a healing power to your health and wellbeing…

How We Started

In recent years our co-founders and investors made a very important decision to create an US based organization to fully introduce a new concept in medical tourism as a vital alternative to high cost and exclusivity of the US healthcare system.

Additionally, we wanted to bring all potential good health seeker’s attention arround that how an overseas hospital and treatment center can be very advanced and modernly build and can provide exceptional treatment with so many highly skilled physicians.

Medicabroad contracts with hospitals that are only known for their internationally recognized achievements, doctors and facilities.​

All our contracted hospitals are recognized by JCI (Joint Commission International) and other well-known USA or EU certified organizations (e.g. ISO, TUV, and NCQA).