Within the last two years, Malaysia has gained position among the three Asian leading providers of medical services for foreign citizens. Over 30 clinics and medical centers – members of the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia are facilitated with leading-edge medical equipment and highly qualified medical personnel. Malay surgeons are widely known in the world as high-class specialists, many of them having earned international diplomas.

This country is famous for surgery, eye microsurgery, aesthetic dentistry, rheumatology, cancer treatment, cardiac surgery, as well as alternative and folk medicine, and naturally luxury Spa procedures. Treatment of cardio-vascular diseases applying ancient Malay folk traditions of healing became particularly famous outside the country’s borders. The methods are based on using various herbs and spices, which considerably improve blood circulation in the organism.

Medical tourists from wealthy Asian countries (Singapore, Japan) give preference to Malaysia not so much for the prices, which are 40-60% lower than in the USA or Germany, but for high quality medical services and especially comfortable conditions for patients. The latter receive accommodation in a separate ward with all conveniences, and are even provided with a personal steward or round-the-clock attendance of a personal nurse.

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