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Medical Tourism Turkey

Turkey, a compelling country which is at the crossroads of East and then West, one-time residence to some of the earth’s supreme empires. Turkey straddles Europe as well as Asia, between contemporary and also traditional, combining influences from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, thе Bаlkаnѕ аnd Central Aѕiа. A уоung рорulаtiоn оf 75 milliоn people, Turkеу is a mоdеrnizing country ... Read More

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Dental Implant Q&A Patients Guide

What is a dental  implant? The implant is a titanium screw inserted into the bone. The purpose of placing these screws is to imitate the tooth root. After a recovery period of approximately 3 months, porcelain teeth are applied on the implants.   Is Implant surgery difficult? Will I feel pain? Implant procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Only the anesthetic is ... Read More

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