What is a dental  implant?

The implant is a titanium screw inserted into the bone. The purpose of placing these screws is to imitate the tooth root. After a recovery period of approximately 3 months, porcelain teeth are applied on the implants.


Is Implant surgery difficult? Will I feel pain?

Implant procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Only the anesthetic is performed in the region to be implanted and the patient does not feel pain. An implant can be placed in about half an hour.


Are the implants healthy? It is said to couse cancer.

The titanium used for the implant material is a biocompatible tissue-friendly material. Brain surgery, spinal surgery, orthopedics etc. have been used safely for many years in all other branches. Implant application has been successfully performed all over the world for almost 50 years and no cases of cancer have been reported.


Is it possible to have implants at any age?

We generally do not implant before 16-18 years old. Implantation can be done for all age groups as long as the patient’s health is handed from these ages.


Which patient groups can not be implanted?

There is no rule that this disease can not be implanted. Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, heart diseases, such as some risk groups are diseases. If the disease is under control in these patients and the medicines are used regularly, the implant can be made by taking the necessary precautions after consultation with the patient’s doctor.


My jawbone is said to be inadequate. Can the implant be performed?

We need a bone with a certain thickness and height for the fitting to be placed on the jawbone. Some bone diseases, premature tooth extraction, gum disease, and elder aged joints cause loss in our jaw bones. Depending on the eruption of the bones, our upper selenium sinuses and lower selenium are confronted as obstacles to the region where the jaw is imminent. In order to be able to conceal bone deficiency, we use bone materials called bone dust. These materials are placed with or before the implant, and the implant process is continued after the healing period.


Can teeth be removed and replaced immediately?

Yes, teeth can be removed and replaced. But some conditions are necessary for this process to be done. The extracted teeth should not have dental infection. The implant must be able to be inserted into the bone in such a way that it remains firm when first placed. There must be enough bone to support the implant. If these conditions are met, the extraction and implanting process can be done at the same time.


Why is there a waiting period for crown placement after implants? Can not it be done right away?

There is a waiting period of about 3 months for bone healing, which is called osseointegration after the implant is implanted, to heal, to wrap the bone around the implant and to provide implant bone conformity. However, in the case of single tooth deficiencies, if the bone texture is very good, depending on the situation, dentists can go into tooth preparation on the implant within a few weeks.


How long are the implants?

It is not possible to give an exact time span for implants. There are patients that have been using implants for 30 years. But the average is below this level. Dental care after implantation is very important. The patient must continue to maintain oral hygiene carefully and regularly. Alcohol and cigarette smoking are other factors that negatively affect the implant longevity.


Are there any quality differences in the implants?

Implant therapy is a very current and constantly renewing treatment option. Hundreds of implant brands are available. There are quite a few implant brands on a certain level of quality standards. You need to make sure to have used suitable quality implant brand. You need to find a reliable clinic that uses good quality marials. MedicaAbroad matches you with the most reliable and the best dental clinics abroad, and follows up with your treatment afterwards. Many clinics use cheap and bad quality implants, patients need to avoid such clinics.


Would you recommend to those who want to have dental implants?

First you need to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the implant. For this purpose, your physician should determine your health condition first and require a radiological examination and a 3D x-ray tomography if need. When you decide to undergo implanting, you should check the clinic’s suitability, the doctor is credibility, whether the implants used have the required certifications and implant brands.


What are the implications to be considered when implanting?

Dental implanting is a simple surgical operation is simple, but surgical intervention. Sterility The operation should take in an sterilized environment where the conditions are optimally adjusted. Care should be taken to ensure that the doctor who will make the implant is an expert and has sufficient experience.


What if my implant is feeling loose?

If the implanted tooth is shaking, you should check the doctors. It could be the crown placed moving or occasionally, implant may be moving. Please consult your doctor in any case.


There is numbness in the jawbone after implantation.

In our lower jaw close to the jaw bone, nerves passes near the jaw bone. During the implant procedure, the implant may be placed close to the jaw nerve, sometimes causing numbness in the jawbone and on the lips. This is usually temporary. But you need to consult to your doctor in such case.


What are the dental implant complications?

Even it is small operation; dental implant operation is a surgical operation.  As a result, complications such as pain, swelling, bleeding, numbness on the jaw and infection may occur after the procedure. These complications are considered normal within the first 3 days. You should consult your doctor if you have complaints of these kinds.


Where should I have my dental implant done?

Most insurance in the US don’t cover dental implants. And cost per implant alone can go over 5,000 per tooth. Patients save up to 90% on their implants abroad. Many countries have great clinics with US standards if not higher. Good clinics using implant and crown materials that are best known dental implant brands in the world. The implant brand is very important to determine the quality and the cost of the implant surgery procedure. MedicAbroad, the leading medical tourism company in the United States is helping patients to find the best quality clinic and surgeons around the world and facilitations patients travel, accommodation and treatment process.


What is the average cost dental implants abroad?

Dental implant average cost in the United States is around $5,000. In the United Kingdom, the average dental implant out of pocket cost is about $4,100 and the average cost in Australia is about $1,700. US and UK patients can save thousands of dollars traveling abroad to get the same Dantel implant procedures in one of the great destinations that are well known for the good quality of their dentistry.

The average cost of dental implants abroad are;

Mexico $750, Costa Rica $650, Thailand $750, Turkey $600, Hungary $550

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