MedicAbroad is a company dedicated to incredible customer service.

A vital part of our commitment to incredible customer service depends upon every MedicAbroad employee, including the Co-Founders, spending time each day working directly with customers and service providers. This allows our staff to become experts in medical travel, and most importantly, develop an intimate understanding of what our customers need.

With this uniqueness comes the dedication to the MedicAbroad Way, best described as the constant pursuit of perfection, unfettered attention to detail, incredible customer service and a burning desire to do things better tomorrow.

MedicAbroad Core Values

1 – DownSell

Everything we do both on our website and over the phone is designed to allow customers to find the best treatment facility and best doctors at the lowest possible price. Does the customer need to spend as much as they think they do? We continously develop new ways to help our customer find the perfect place to go for a life saving treatment and an unforgettable travel experience.

2 – Continuously earn the right for the customer’s attention

Add value at all times. Communicate clearly and concisely. In difficult or unusual situations, do what’s right, take the high road. Our good name is far more important than fat profits.

3 – Help to ease the frustration of long waitlists for life threatening treatments

We need to be on our client site. Our core values come from love and happiness that a patient face brings to us. Being a cause of a good deed is our goal to reach. We believe in solutions. And that we can find the best and right place for you and provide with excellent medical treatment services for your medical needs.