Dental and Cosmetic Surgical treatments are booming in South America

The increasing cost of health care has led to the growth of medical tourism. Medical tourism is the phenomenon where a person will travel to another country to get medical, surgical or dental health care within that country. Due to the high costs of health care, more and more people are seeking health care in other countries, and an emerging popular destination for this is South America. South America is milking the lucrative medical tourism industry by providing affordable dental, surgical and medical procedures for patients all over the world. Two countries in South America that stand out especially are Costa Rica and Mexico.

Mexico is one of the leading countries thriving off on dental tourism and medical tourism. Dental surgery in South America

The popularity is mainly caused by the number of people who cross the US-Mexico border every weekend for affordable dental services and plastic surgeries that are not covered by insurance companies.Costa Rica has obtained international recognition as an ideal destination for medical tourists to have work done. The country has earned names such as and “Beverly Hills South” based on the reputation received from successful plastic surgeries that happen. A medical tourist has the option of flying down to

Costa Rica, booking a decent hotel, going sightseeing, to enjoy the beautiful scenery the country has to offer, having a medical or surgical procedure, recovering in a pleasant hotel and finally flying back home all at a price that similar or less than what would have been spent to have the procedure done at home.

Regardless of not being covered by most insurance policies, several people find it significantly cheaper to have a procedure done in Costa Rica or Mexico where they can save between 30% and 70% in medical fees.

Dental Surgery in South America

Costa Rica and Mexico are popular due to the specialized doctors who are accredited from internationally recognized medical institutions. The doctors performing the dental and surgical procedures are highly skilled, well experienced, utilize the latest facilities and provide excellent service. Several great doctors are available, hence it is recommended to decide carefully which doctor is the right fit for a patient. The staff is well trained and bilingual to cater for both English and Latin patients.

Latin international tourists, especially, are more attracted to the South American countries for the lingual familiarity. Costa Rica is especially popular due to its tropical setting which provides a perfect location to go sightseeing before or after a procedure. 

The affordable costs and accessibility are not the only reasons people go to the South American countries. Mexico and Costa Rica both boast cutting-edge medical treatments and technologies. Technologies such as Bariatric surgical facilities, affordable dental care and weight loss centers have an alluring effect on international medical tourists.

The accessibility, location and high standards of medical care and training offered have led to South America, appearing as a rapidly growing destination in the medical tourism industry, giving other familiar places such as India a run for their money.