Affordable Health Care Abroad - Why choose Medical Tourism as a safe option?


Medical tourism has become trendy and ultimate choice for patients to receive affordable and quality medical care by traveling abroad.  The overall worth  of the health tourism industry is believed to be $58-60 billion.  Patients can save between  15 to 85 percent of their health care expenses by choosing the option of being treated abroad.  Countries that serves as main medical tourism destinations are Costa Rica, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Hungary, Poland, Greece and Turkey. Numbers show that between 8-to-9 million global citizens cross borders every year to take advantage of the fast growing medical tourism options.


A medical tourist is a person who seeks to find a better and affordable health care for surgical, dental or medical treatment  in a different country or destination.


Ben Schreiner, a 42-year-old account manager at a bank, discovered he needed surgery for a double hernia. He began looking at doctors and hospitals that may suit him. After a lengthy and costly search in his home state, Ben decided to look for a solution for his health problem in different countries such as Turkey and Ireland. His final decision was on San José, Costa Rica, where after the surgery and early recovery, he and his wife toured the beautiful sights of the country while residing at a luxurious residency.


A month later, Ben was back home recovered and relaxed.


Being an employee, Ben still was under inssured and had difficulties with his insurance company to cover all his medical expenses at home, however, he did have a private health insurance cover. The operation at a hospital in the country would have taken approximately $15,000 yet he spent $3,900 only, to pay his hospital bills while in Costa Rica.


Ben is an example of the several Americans who travel to other countries to seek medical care,  such as hip and knee replacements, bypass surgery, dental implants and heart valve replacements. The cost of medical procedures abroad may be amount to a fifth the cost of a similar procedure in the US, the American Medical Association claims in a recent report.


Several factors such as increasing costs of health care in the US, a steady growth in the number of technological cutting edge medical institutions around the world that are recognized by US medical associations (e.g. JCI) and acceptance of medical tourism by insurance companies and employers create high expectations of an increase in medical tourism.


Medical tourism is viewed as having a similar or even better quality of care standards abroad than in the US.  Many countries have the latest facilities set up to attract medical tourists, high medical operation success rates and highly professional English-speaking doctors.   All of these countries have JCI  accredited hospitals and clinics.  There are over 600 JCI accredited medical facilities around the world.  These hospitals provides access to high standards in medical care which may not be available in many states in the US.


A great point of medical tourism is that allows  patients to have access to instant medical care with  no waiting time and affordability.  Medical tourism gives a very effective solution to patients who is in need of  immediate attention, and can have access to such medical treatments in their home country.


All  the health care facilities who are being in service of medical tourism and have contacts with medical tourism  agencies offer a maximum level of post operation care to their patients.  Medical tourists receive a utmost attention and care at these health care facilities allowing them to recovering in a relaxed and comforting atmosphere.



Traveling abroad for medical treatment gives all patients to discover new cultures and destinations.  In fact  medical tourism facilitators offer  fixed packaged programs that  include all types of travel arrangements, flight tickets, hotel accommodation, private transfers, daily guided tours, concierge services at medical tourism destination. These facilitators allows their customers to receive high-end medical care while sightseeing tourist attractions or relaxing on the beach in their visiting destination.


Going abroad to seek health care is becoming increasingly accepted and common among  Americans. Medical tourism is affordable compared to treatment in the US. Together with high-quality care and the option of recovering by sightseeing in another country proves quite alluring to several people leading to high expectations for the growth of medical tourism in the years to come.